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We were amazed to see what a big impact the BioBreath Challenge had on our people and culture given it's just 5-10 minutes a day online. More than 90% of participants reported improved mental health, increased focus, better performance and less stress. The Challenge is now part of our new employee onboarding program, leadership development, safety training and Return-to-Work initiatives. We can't recommend the BioBreath Challenge highly enough.

~ Scott Thomas, HR Director, CTS International


Working as a medical professional can be extremely stressful and mentally challenging and BioBreath is one of our most valued tools for managing that. We have received tremendous feedback from our employees, who found it easy to incorporate into their busy lives and saw great improvements in resilience, productivity and focus.”

~ Magdalena Swaristic, HR Director, Centralny Szpital Kliniczny MSWiA, Poland


The BioBreath Challenge offered a great opportunity to support the wellbeing of our staff in a fresh and innovative way. BioBreath created a customized solution for us which started with the 30 Day BioBreath Challenge. The amazing results convinced us to bring BioBreath’s in-person training to our staff here on campus. Both the data we received from BioBreath as well as the personal experience from our employees were very positive.”

~ Kelly Mussie, Health Promotion Coordinator, Regent’s University London

First Responders

Being a first responder is an unusually challenging and stressful profession. Our team members face difficult situations on a daily basis. We were on the search for a program that would help our team to work better together and that would help with stress management – we found it in BioBreath! Our team responded extremely well to the 30 Day BioBreath Challenge; not only did people report an improved sense of wellbeing, but the atmosphere around here improved. People seem a lot calmer and more positive now.

~John Caruana, Senior Trainer for First Respondents, Fairfax, VA


"Havel & Partners is pleased to make the 30 Day BioBreath Challenge available to all its Associates. As a law firm, we’re always looking for ways to help our lawyers and staff work more effectively and efficiently in high pressure situations, without adding any more than necessary to their busy days. This online training, plus the in-person workshops BioBreath has conducted with our Associates and Leaders, has proven to be remarkably effective. "

~ Jane Wills, Vice President HR, Smith & Partners, s.r.o.